Authentic, wood-fired oven business


Quick Facts

PRICE $180,000 or best offer
LOCATION Connecticut
PARKING 40 spaces
SEATING 48 indoor / 20 outdoor
REVENUE $450,000 yearly average
LEASE 5-year or 10-year options for extension
EXTRAS  Occupied subtenant space

Celebrate the art of brick oven cooking and continue the success of a thriving, landmark business. Positioned on a major route amongst heavily populated eastern Connecticut towns lies a business that wants to grow larger with your expertise and long-term commitment. 

This 2800 sq. ft. business is situated on the end of an open-air shopping center and is ideal for an established business owner looking to expand or a sharp investor looking for their next venture. 

Satisfy hundreds of customers with the indoor, open-space dining that seats 48 people and also bring the experience to the outside patio which seats 20. Parking is rarely an issue with the 40 spaces available; even at the peak hours of the other businesses which share the building. 

Owned and operated by a dedicated, award-winning cook and trustworthy business person, you’ll be buying with confidence knowing the transition is intended to be smooth and secure. The current owner plans on providing weeks of training and committed time to acquainting current patrons with you as the new owner. 

The opportunity to provide delicious, uniquely crafted food and excellence in customer service is attainable in a market that demands nothing but the best. Bring your knowledge of pizza, baking, dinner specials, and love for fine wines and beer to a new location and watch as the success unfolds. 

Act fast to reserve your spot within the timeframe of the current lease which has options for 5-year and even 10-year extensions. 

Make your mark on the area and gain the loyalty of many customers with ease as you takeover a developed, 8-year business that has opportunities to push its prosperity past the millions of dollars earned in gross sales. 

We’d love to hear your ideas, answer your questions, and help guide you through this thrilling decision to add another line to your life resume of accomplishments.

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