Bidder Registration Form

This form is available to our bidders to fill out before they arrive to the live auction. Bidders are welcomed to print and fill these forms out prior to bidder registration to avoid a long registration wait time on site.

Our office does not retain these forms after the closing of an auction. Bidders must fill out the form, in full, for every auction in which they wish to bid.

These same forms are available on site at the auction location on auction day.

Fax: 860 859 9321


Leave Bid Form

The point of a leave bid form is to be able to bid competitively while not being present at the auction. We will not bid your maximum as your first bid; we will follow the bidding rhythm, starting with the auctioneer's minimum asking price.

How it works:
  • Browse our lot lists online.
  • Fill out a leave bid form with the lot number(s) and maximum bid(s).
  • One of our staff members will bid competitively on your behalf.

To fill out a leave bid form:
  • Download the leave bid form and bidder registration form.
  • Fill both out completely.
  • Email both forms to at least 12 hours before   the posted start of the auction. Fax: 860 859 9321


Due to the rhythm of bidding, there is the possibility that a present, registered bidder will reach your maximum bid before your designated absentee bidder does. Therefore, the item is won at your maximum bid by your competitor.